We totally understand how daunting it can be to create your bridal registry! At Accents, we try to make it super easy, so you can fill your #lifewithaccents while you celebrate starting a life as an MRS! Keep scrolling to read our best registry tips from our owner, Laura, and our Bridal Registry PRO, Mrs. Sally (if you know, you know! Right, Accents Brides?!)


We recommend you come in about 6 months before your wedding day to register. If you know anything about Accents, you know our inventory is always changing. Joining our registry about 6 months before your wedding will help keep your selection fresh and your options plenty! We encourage you to come in more than once to keep up with our new arrivals, so your home can be filled with the very best. 


Did you know that Accents carries five major everyday dinnerware lines to help you set your table? Choosing dinnerware is the best way to start your registry, and will help you ignite your home decorating from the base up! We don’t just carry dinnerware- think everything for your table! Flatware, glasses, table linens and serving pieces will complete your kitchen and give you a chance to highlight your personal style in every room of your home! 


 We love when brides bring in their trusted friend or family member to help with their Accents bridal registry. It’s always helpful to bring someone who knows your style to help you navigate Accent’s vast inventory! Our staff will help you walk through each section of the store to make your registry complete. Mrs. Sally suggests making your registry experience a special day! Grab lunch before or after your appointment, and bring the people that will make it fun! 


The best bridal registry is full of variety, and Accents can help make that happen for you. Laura suggests registering for anything in the store that fits your taste! Your friends and family will love having lots of choices when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for you and your future spouse. If you think about it, your wedding is the only time you can make a list of exactly the gifts you’d love to receive, so we say if you like it, add it! Even if you don’t have the space or house for something right now, if you think about longevity in the gifts you’re choosing, your house, wherever you move, will be filled with beautiful Accents! 


 While we always accept registry walk-in customers, making an appointment will ensure that you have some one-on-one attention to help guide you through your process. We want to make your Accents bridal registry experience easy, fun, and focused, so you can fill your home with the Accents you love! To make an appointment, call us at 601.584.4550! We will find a time that works best for you!

If you want more information about our Accents Bridal Registry, give us a call or send us a message! We can’t wait to help you create the perfect shopping list for your wedding celebrations! 

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